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Q. Are you available for incall in the mornings and weekends am?
A. I do not have a set schedule that I follow. When I travel I am always available from 7am to late in the evening. When I am home in Miami, my times may vary according to what else I have going on! Best thing to do is pick a day and time and I can see if I am available!
Q. Do you have a age limit?
A. Most of the gentlemen I see are over 35. That doesn't mean that I haven't seen someone younger but gentlemen over 35 generally are more GFE oriented and have more in common with a self-assured woman when it comes to life experiences.
Q. Do you vacation with clients?
A. What an interesting question!! I have enjoyed many vacations with clients before and relished it. The only requirement is that it would have to be with someone I have already met at least once prior to the vacation so that we could make sure the chemistry is right. 
Q. Do you see big guys; I am 6' 1" and weigh 325?
A. The only qualification I have for the men I meet, is the you be a gentleman!  Weight is not a criteria for spending quality time together. Being respectful and loving to laugh and have a good time is!
Q. Do you let women take you on private dates?
A. Absolutely... and couples too. I enjoy the company of both men and women and would enjoy a date with another female!
Q. I would like to get your password for the private pictures.
A. The password for the private pictures is reserved those for the gentlemen I have already seen. It is my way of saying thanks for a good time!
Q. What sets you apart from others?
A. My love of life and my many amazing experiences. I have certainly experienced a lot of what the world has to offer at a young age. I can take those experiences, both sensual and secular, and mold them to fit the client's personality and desires. I am well traveled, fun loving, refined and cultured; not your typical companion. I have garnered many real world experiences that have enabled me to be a professional, reliable and well-respected personal companion. My time spent with you is very important to us both and while I do enjoy what I do immensely, I realize that I am providing a service and you deserve my utmost respect of your time.
Q. How will you be dressed for our date?
A. My personal style of dress is casually elegant, subtle and never flashy. I will never appear indiscreet or dressed inappropriately - I like to be noticed but not to stand out. There is a time and place for everything. I am always dressed appropriately for the occasion. If you have a special request, please let me know in advance. Our time together should be about YOU!
Q. May we have dinner together?
A. Certainly! Getting acquainted (or re-acquainted) over dinner is a wonderful way to begin our date. I'd be pleased to recommend a restaurant if you don't have one in mind. And, it doesn't have to include Dessert. It could include just a drink or even club-hopping or a show! You are compensating me for my time, so my time is your time.
Q. What are your feelings about kissing and being affectionate?
A. Affection can be a part of a budding professional relationship of a companion and client. As the lyrics say, "A kiss is just a kiss..." and another way for affectionate communications. Just kiss me and smile!
Q. Do you see Couples?
A. Yes I most definitely do! I have been told that I am the perfect companion for the couple who have been curious but a bit timid to take the first step. My laid back, unassuming attitude can effortlessly put you both at ease. We can meet over lunch, cocktails or dinner, where we can become acquainted and establish a connection first. If you choose to extend our time together you can be assured that it will be one of those wonderful experiences you will not soon forget!
Q. Will you see first timers and if so, how do you handle them?
A. Everyone has a first time for something. I even look at my own experience with a new client as a first time! It is a first time for me to meet this particular person, get to know him and his desires and likes. So, I try to make it as comfortable as possible for both of us, maybe with a small reassuring smile, a gentle touch or a soft word whispered in the ear. If you are a first timer to the hobby, be sure to read the FAQ about screening!
Q. How do I discuss a specific request or ask a specific question?
A. Certain things are never discussed until a thorough screening is completed, even if it is nothing more than a fantasy. Once you have been completely screened, we can be a little more open with questions and answers. However, any discussion about sex for money will be a deal breaker. This is a very important point! You are paying for my companionship and time. What we decide to do with our time is between you and I when we meet!
Q. Will you play specific roles?
A. Role playing can be fun and provide a relaxing way to unwind and let you be who you want to be... who you sometimes can't be around your business peers and associates. I have played the teacher, the student, the nurse, the stranger, the vamp, the neighbor, and the lady in a shoe store, even the boss' wife!! Now there is a fantasy for some men! I do not role-play family members. Let's talk about your fantasy role! Role playing can be fun and provide a relaxing way to unwind and let you be who you want to be... who you sometimes can't be around your business peers and associates. I have played the teacher, the student, the nurse, the stranger, the vamp, the neighbor, and the lady in a shoe store, even the boss' wife!! Now there is a fantasy for some men! I do not role-play family members. Let's talk about your fantasy role!
Q. Why do I need to pay at the beginning of our date?
A. While this is a profession, I like to be able to create an atmosphere of both relaxation and excitement. Taking care of business in the beginning gives us the freedom to enjoy our date and depart with a kiss! I want our time together, from beginning to end, to be special, focused on more pleasurable pursuits, and free of stress.
Q . Are your rates negotiable or do you run specials?
A. I appreciate your interest but my rates are absolutely non-negotiable. I pride myself on being a quality companion and my rates reflect that.
Q. How do I know you won't rip me off?
A. Our visit requires trust on the part of both of us. My reputation as a provider is all that I have. If that is lost, then I can no longer enjoy meeting exceptional gentlemen like you. My reviews speak to my reputation and I cherish it dearly. On the other side of the coin, I also expect the gentlemen I see to have an online presence of some sort, with a good number of ladies as his references to vouch for his character and make me feel at ease with making a decision to see him.  My track record speaks volumes, as should yours.  If you are new, you have no track record, therefore, screening is essential and mandatory, as you have much more to prove than I do.
Q. Do you expect gifts or tips?
A. Gifts are never expected but are always appreciated. I am often asked by those who have visited with me what I like. It is a hard question to answer but as we get to know each other, I am sure you will be able to surprise me. I will always be pleased with your thoughtful gift or tip.
Q. How can I arrange a meeting with you?
A. Advance bookings are highly recommended as I see a limited number of clients and book up very quickly. While I prefer booking a week or two in advance, I can book you quickly if I have seen you before and am filling a open appointment on a scheduled dating day, or if you are ready with references who can respond quickly to my inquiry.  The sooner you arrange for a meeting, the better, if you want to be assured of securing an appointment on a certain date. Please contact me by email or fill out the Contact form on this website.
Q. What if I am a First-Timer?
A. I am very safety and security conscious, so all first-time clients are required to be screened THOROUGHLY. With new friends, I conduct a discreet screening process and I require at least 72 hours advance booking. Discreet verification will be required for all of my new clients. I WILL ask that you provide a picture ID and personal information, to ensure that any information you have provided is correct, and to verify your employment is valid. Any information provided will always stay confidential, as I understand the need to remain discreet. Please do not waste your time or mine, by calling me from a blocked or private phone number or texting me, as I will not answer any calls or texts from anyonw who I do not know, EVER. 
Q. How do I get screened?
A. There is no way around the screening process. There are many ways to screen so send your email to me as complete as you can make it.
I will do my best with the information you have provided. Be honest. If you are not, that alone is reason for me to refuse to see you. Remember, I am very discreet with any information you provide. My reputation as a quality provider depends on it.
For your convenience I ACCEPT: Preferred411, RoomService2000 and Date-Check screening services. Using these services will make it easier since they have already verified your information.
If you do not use these services, then you must supply 3 provider references. The more you are able to provide the better.
When I ask you for references I mean other ladies that you have already had experiences with you and that know you and know you conduct yourself as a gentleman should. I do verify these ladies. In other words, I am going to look at their advertising, reviews and other things to be sure they are legit providers.
After this is done I will then email or call the ladies and ask for a reference.
When supplying a reference, please be sure to list enough information so that I can find the lady in question.
Where they advertise
Where they are reviewed
City they work from
Phone number
All of these things or even a combination of them speed up the screening process immensely. It is always a good idea to let the ladies know I will be checking with them about you and that it is ok to give me a reference. I want to make this process as easy for you as possible.
Q. What if I do not have any references?
A. If you do not have references that are verifiable or you are a "first timer", I strongly suggest joining a screening service such at Preferred411 or Date-Check.
In the meantime, you will be required to provide the following:
Your first and last name.
Your Cell Phone Number.
A Photo Copy of Your Driver's License and a CLEAR Photo of YOU Holding your Driver's License.  
A Utility Bill with a Valid Address that matches the address on your Driver's License.
Your Place of Employment, Phone number of Employer, Website of Employer and Your direct Office Number, if applicable.
 Proof of Employment/Self-Employment (paystub, self-employment LEGAL paperwork).
I will then make a discreet call and will ask your switchboard operator for you by name, usually under the guise of checking a reference for a recent application, such as a credit app or membership app. If you would prefer, I can have a male call to verify so that it looks more businesslike to the operator.
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